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Introduction 簡介


Do you love spending hours in the kitchen cooking up fancy meals? If you do, I hope you find this website useful for wine and dine, recipe, cooking tips and experience sharing!


Food is a culture. Every dish is a piece of art. Cooking is an universal communication tool; a language for breaking through national borders. I love and enjoy cooking, taste wine and brew coffee. It is a larger subject for lifelong study. It associates with very wide aspects, history, origin, beverage pairing, dessert matching, coffee or tea matching, etc. This website is for everyone who has the passion for appreciating cooking or who love to wine and dine! The author, Stewart, has over 30 years cooking experience in western and asian style dishes.

Cooking is easy. It can be a wonderful way to relieve stress.  Cooking diverts the mind from the clutter and traffic of the day and channels the attention to the preparation of a meal.

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