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Fish Ball with Spicy Curry Sauce



Fish ball                                           1 lb

Shallot                                             3 tbsps

Tianjin preserved vegetable 冬菜   50 g

Curry powder                                  3 tsps

Chilli powder                                   1 tsp

Brown sugar                                   2 tbsps

Japanese miso                                1 tbsp

Ground bean sauce 磨豉醬             1 tbsp

Shaoxin wine                                  2 tbsps


Cooking Steps:

  • Wash and drain preserved vegetable.

  • Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a fry pan over medium heat. Stir in shallot and preserved vegetable. Add curry powder, chilli powder and fry for one minute. 

  • Add fish ball, fry for one minute and add 150ml hot water with ground bean suace, miso, sugar, and shaoxin wine. Close lid and simmer for 10 minutes over low-medium heat.  Ready to serve.

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