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Pan Fried Boneless Chicken with Black Truffle黑松露煎嫩雞


Fresh Chicken                 1 pc

Shallot (shredded)         2 pcs

Ginger                             3 slices

Onion                              1/4 pc

Garlic (sliced)                  6 pcs

Black Truffle                   2 tsps



Soy sauce                        1 tsp

Rock salt                          1 tsp

Bean sauce                      1 tsp

Corn flour                        1 tsp

Black pepper dash          some


  • Remove chicken bones and marinate for 1 hour.  


Cooking Steps:

  • Heat up fry pan with 2 tsps of oil with high heat. Add ginger and fry boneless chicken until golden brown on both sides (skin facing down first). Remove from fry pan and cut after cool down for a while.

  • Heat up fry pan, add garlic, shallot, onion for 2 minutes, put in fried chicken, mix with black truffle and fry for half minute. Ready to serve.

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