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Steam Egg 蒸水蛋


Egg                                        3 nos.

Dried Shrimp (crushed)       some

Spring onion                         some

Soy sauce                              2 tbsps

Sugar                                     1/2 tsp

Cooking Steps:

  • Soak dried shrimps in water for 30 minutes. Drain out water.

  • Beaten eggs, mix with 240ml still water and put on stream plate. Cover up with plastic wrap. Steam for 7 minutes with high flame. Hints: use sieve to filter out the bubble.

  • Remove from stream if it is set. Remove plastic wrap.

  • Heat wok with some oil, stir fry finely chopped spring onion and crushed dried shrimps. Pour in soy sauce, 2 tbsps water and sugar. Splash on top of steamed egg and ready to serve.


Proportion: 2 eggs + 170ml water or 3 eggs+ 240ml water

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