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Bak Kut Teh 肉骨茶


Spare Ribs                              450 g


Soup base:

Chuanxiong川芎                      10g

Polygonatum玉竹                    20g

Angelica當歸                             10g

Licorice甘草                              10g

Star Anise八角茴香                   10g

Black Bean (crushed)               2 tsps

Garlic                                         2 whole pcs.

Miso or Chinese Bean Sauce  2 tbsps

Oyster Sauce                            2 tbsps

Ginger                                       6 pcs

Cooking Steps:

  • Prepare soup base under gentle heat until boiled.

  • Blanch spare ribs for 1 minute. Remove and put into simmer pot with soup base. Cook for 1 and half hour under medium-low flame.

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