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Braised Dongpo Pork 東坡肉


Streaky Pork五花肉            600 g

Shaoxing wine 紹興黃酒     30 ml

Soy Sauce 醬油                  150 ml

Water 水                             50 ml

Sweet Vinegar甜醋             200 ml

Rock Sugar冰糖                 100 g

Hawthorn山楂                    10 pcs

Ginger生薑                          6 slices

Spring Onion蔥                  2 sprigs


Cooking Steps:

  • Blanch streaky pork one minute and leave dry.

  • Prepare braising sauce by mixing soy sauce, sweet vinegar, rock sugar, hawthorn; bring to boiled.

  • Put gingers and spring onion sections underneath the streaky pork in slow cooker. Pour braising sauce and cook for 2 hours.

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