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Roasted Chicken with Ume 梅子燒雞


Chicken                              1 pc

Mashed Garlic                   2 tsps

Salt                                     2 tsps

Sugar                                 1 tsp

Ginger Juice                      1 tsp

Rice Vinegar                      2 tsps

Maltose                              1 tbsp

Plum (Ume)                       3 pcs


Cooking Steps:

  • Marinate chicken with salt, mashed garlic, sugar and ginger juice for 1 hour minimum. Blanch two minutes and leave dry.

  • Prepare solution by mixing vinegar with maltose and mashed plum. Apply solution to chicken skin completely and leave dry.

  • Set oven or halo-cooker temperature at 250C. Grill for 25 minutes until golden brown. (exact timing depends on level setting)

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