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Clam in Sake soup 清酒煮蜆


Fresh Clam                             600g

White miso                             1 tbsp

Konbu(昆布)                           some

bonito fish flakes(木魚絲)      some

Sake                                        100ml

Mirim (味醂)                            20ml

spring onion                           1 sprig

Ginger slices                           some


Cooking Steps:

  • First to remove sands by putting clams in ice water with salt for 60 minutes. 

  • Prepare soup base (Dashi) by boiling konbu, bonito fish flakes and white miso with 1000ml water for 30 minutes. remove fish flakes and ready for use.

  • Put clams into soup base (Dashi), add ginger slices, mirim and sake, cover lid and cook until shells open, add spring onion and ready to serve.

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