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Pomelo salad with lime/balsamic vinegar sauce 青檸陳醋柚子沙律


Pomelo                               1 no.

Lime zest (rind)                  2 teaspoons

Spicy dried shrimp             10 pieces


Fresh lime juice                  10ml

Balsamic vinegar                2 tablespoons

Maltose                                2 tablespoons



  • First, let’s make the dressing. Melt maltose with balsamic vinegar over warm water, Squeeze fresh lime juice and mix them well.  It is up to your own preference to put few drops of fish sauce for added flavour. 

  • You can buy ready made spicy dried shrimps from Japanese shops. Or follow the steps below for making it your own. Steam medium-size dried shrimp for 10 minutes. Splash half teaspoon paprika and curry powder over melted vinegar/maltose mixtures. Mix well with shrimps. 

  • Peel off pomelo and mix well with dressing and spicy dried shrimps. Sprinkle with lime zest and serve.

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