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Tangerine Shrimp ball 陳皮手打蝦丸


Shrimp (medium size)   600 g

Pork fat                          40 g

Tangerine peels             3 pcs

Bread crumb                  1 bowl

Spring onion                 1 sprig



Salt                                 half tsp

Pepper dash                  some

Corn flour                      1 tsp

Egg white                       1 no.


Dip Sauce:

Tangerine peels             1 pc

Maltose                           1 tbsp

Water                              1 tsp

Cooking Steps:

  • Remove shell and devein shrimps, clean with salt. Rinse shrimps under running water for 15 minutes and pat dry.

  • Mash pork fat. Msh shrimps with chopper. Mix with seasoning and tangerine peel slices. Sahpe into small balls. Roll up surface with bread crumb.

  • Heat wok/fry pan with oil. Deep fry shrimp cakes until golden brown.

  • Prepare dip sauce and ready for serving.

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