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Fried Shrimp with Rosemary 干蔥香草蝦仁


Shrimp (medium size)    300 g

Rosemary                         1 tsp

Shallot                              2 pcs

Salt                                   half tsp

Black pepper dash           some

Corn starch                       2 tsps

Sugar                                1 tsp

Ketchup                            2 tbsps

Water                                2 tbsps

Ginger                               3 slices

Spring onion                    some

Cooking Steps:

  • Remove shell and devein shrimps, absorb excess moisture. Mix with black pepper, rosemary and corn starch. Prepare sauce with ketchup, sugar and water.

  • Heat wok with oil, fry ginger and shallot for half minute. Add shrimps and fry to 80% ready. Add sauce and cook for half minute, remove and splash spring onion to serve.

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