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Stewed Oxtail 燉牛尾


Oxtail                          600g

Tomato                       3 pcs

Carrot                         1 pc

Onion                         1 pc

Ginger                         3 slices

Shallot                        3 pcs

Tomato paste             1 can

Red wine                     100ml

Bay leaves                   10pcs

Black pepper dash      some                             

Salt                              2 tsps

Clove                            some

Cooking Steps:

  • Scald oxtail for 5 minutes. Seasoning with salt, clove and pepper.

  • Cut a cross at tomato bottom. Bring water to boil for removing tomato skin.  Heat wok with oil. Put in sliced ginger and shallot and stir fry for one minute. Add oxtail, carrot, onion and fry for two minutes, pour in red wine, tomato paste, bay leave and bring to the boil and remove to simmer pot.

  • Cook for 1 hour in simmer pot or slow cooker under medium to low heat. Add carrot and onion for another 1 hour. Add water to fill up the cover-up level if needed. Ready for serving.

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