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Pan Fried Abalone 京蔥醬油九孔鮑


Fresh Abalone (九孔鮑)   600 g

Leek                                   1 sprig

Shallot                              3 pcs

Salt                                    half tsp

Sugar                                1 tsp

Pepper dash                     some

Soy sauce                         2 tbsps

Water                                2 tbsps

Ginger                               4 slices

Spring onion                    some

Cooking Steps:

  • Remove shell for abalone, remove excess moisture and mix with pepper. Prepare sauce with soy sauce, sugar and water. Cut leek in slices.

  • Heat wok with oil, fry ginger, leek and shallot for half minute. Add abalone, salt and fry to 80% ready. Add sauce and cook for half minute, remove and splash spring onion to serve.

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