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Egg White Bean Curd with Seafood Topping芙蓉西施豆付


Egg white                               6 nos.

Dry Bacon (crushed)              some

Chicken Broth                        4 oz

Fresh milk                               2 oz

Fresh Crab or Shrimp meat  3 oz

Spring onion                          1 sprig

Ginger (finely chopped)         some



Chicken Broth                        4 oz

Salt, sugar                              1/2 tsp

Sesame oil                              5 drops



Corn flour                               1 tsp

Water                                      3 tbsps

Cooking Steps:

  • Beaten egg white (4 nos.), and mix with fresh milk and chicken broth (4 oz) together, put them into plate and cover up with plastic wrap. Steam for 7 minutes with high flame. Hints: do not use deep plate, and use sieve to filter out the bubble.

  • Beaten egg white (2 nos.). Heat up wok with some (2 tbsps) cooking oil. Put in the egg white and quickly fry in half done (i.e. translucent, not totally turned white), remove from wok. Hint: use wok instead of fry pan, the cooking oil temperature must be high but the flame shall be medium.

  • Heat wok with some (2tbsps) oil and fry spring onion, ginger chip, add crab or shrimp meat and sizzle shaoxing wine and bring to the boil. Pour in seasoning and thicken with sauce, then stir fry with the fried egg white. Remove and place on top of the steamed egg white. Garnish with bacon chip and serve.

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