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Pan-fried Duck Breast with Honey Mustard Sauce香煎鴨胸


Duck Breast

Salt                     1 teaspoon

Pepper dash       some
Shallot                1 no.     
Spring onion      1 sprig

Maltose               2 teaspoons
Mustard              2 teaspoons

Cooking Steps:

  • Heat 1 tablespoon olive oil in the pan and fry shallot and spring onion.

  • Add duck breast and use high flame to fry until golden, and then turn to medium flame. Add salt and pepper dash while cooking.

  • Remove from fry pan after it cooked (check it out by pin through the meat).

  • Dissolve 2 teaspoons maltose and mustard with 3 tablespoons warm water.

  • Heat 2 drops of olive oil and cook sauce mix with medium flame. Remove from pan after it boiled.

  • Slice duck breast and put on plate. Add sauce and serve hot.

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