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Stewed Pork Ribs with Chestnut 栗子炆排骨


Pork ribs(豬飛排)              300 g

Chestnut                           300 g

Shallot                              3 pcs

Salt                                    1 tsp

Chicken broth                   1 bowl

Soy sauce                          2 tsps

Pepper dash                      some

Sugar                                 1 tsp

Water                                 1 bowl

Ginger                                3 slices

Spring onion                      some

Cooking Steps:

  • Blanch pork ribs 1 minute and marinate with salt, soy sauce, sugar and pepper dash.

  • Remove shell for chestnut and blanch it 2 minutes.

  • Heat wok with oil, fry ginger and shallot for half minute. Add marinated pork ribs and add chestnut 1 minute later. Add chicken broth and water, bring it to boil. Transfer to porcelain pot for low heat stewing 1 hour. Splash with spring onion and serve.

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