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Kyoto Styled Stewed Salmon Head 荒煮三文魚頭


Salmon Head                  2 pcs

Salmon tail or bone       2 pcs

Ginger                             4 pcs

Shallot                             1 no.

Corn starch                     2 tsps


Sauce base:

Soy Sauce                       200 ml

Mirin                                2 tbsps

Rice wine                         2 tbsps

Water                               200 ml

Maltose                            1 tbsp

Black Cane Sugar           50g

Rock Sugar                      50g

Skipjack鰹魚peels            2 tbsps

Ginger                              2 pcs

Cooking Steps:

  • Prepare sauce base under gentle heat until boiled. Sprinkle salmon heads/tails with corn starch.

  • Heat wok with 3 tbsps of oil. Add ginger, shallot, put in salmon heads/tails and fry for a while. Remove and put into simmer pot with sauce base.

  • Cook for 15 minutes in simmer pot with cover under low flame.

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