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Roasted Pigeon 燒乳鴿


Pigeon 乳鴿                  2 pcs


Marinate Solution:

Zanthoxylum 花椒        some

Star Anise 八角 (茴香)  some

Caraway Seed 小茴      some

Cinnamon 桂皮             some

Soy sauce 醬油             200 ml

Water水                        300 ml

Rock Sugar 冰糖          40g


Roasting Solution:

Maltose 麥芽糖              2 tbsps

Vinegar 白醋                  2 tbsps

Cooking Steps:

  • Put zanthoxylum, star anise, caraway seed, cinnamon, soy sauce and rock sugar with water and bring to boiled in saucepan.

  • Blanch pigeons and put into marinate solution, bring to boiled and remove from heat. Leave pigeon for 2 hours.

  • Remove pigeons from saucepan and leave dry for 30 minutes. Apply roasting solution evenly and leave dry for 1 hour.

  • Preheat halocooker/oven with 250°C. Roast for 4 minutes on one side, turn back and roast for 3 minutes another side.

  • Cut into portions and serve.

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