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Grilled Lamp Rack with Kishū Plum Sauce 紀州梅醬燒羊架


Lamb Rack                    2 packs

Salt                                1 tsp

Miso                               1 tsp

Ginger Juice                  1 tsp

Rosemary                      some

Kishū Plum                    2 pcs

Balsamic Vinegar          1 tsp

Maltose                          1 tbsp


Cooking Steps:

  • Marinate lamb racks with salt, miso, ginger juice, rosemary and Kishū plum skin for 1 hour.

  • Prepare solution by mixing balsamic vinegar and Kishū plum with maltose.

  • Fry lamb racks surface for 2 minutes with high heat

  • Set grill or halo-cooker temperature at 250C. Grill for 8 minutes one side, apply solution for lamb racks and grill for 2 minutes. Grill for 10 minutes on another side until golden brown. (exact timing depends on level setting)

  • Slice cut and serve


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