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Updated: Dec 10, 2022

近期大熱,韓流美食。原於醬汁惹味,會吃上癮的美味,韓文마약 mayag, 意思像毒品瑪琲的上癮。

先將 1/3隻洋蔥切細粒、蔥切蔥花、蒜頭兩粒磨蓉、辣椒切圈(按個人口味,可以不加)。 將調味料醬油150ml、飲用水150ml、砂糖80g、麻油1湯匙及適量白芝麻混合。之後將洋蔥粒、蔥花、蒜蓉、辣椒(如需要)與調味料混合均勻待用。

滾水放入6隻剛從雪櫃取出不久的雞蛋,煮約7分鐘,撈起放入冰水冷卻。 將剝殼放入調好的醬汁中,用盒子冷藏過夜即成。享用時將雞蛋切開,淋上醬汁。


Mayag soft-hearted eggs

This is one of the most favourite Korean dishes in 2022.  The origin of the delicious sauce is addictive, and the Korean word 마약 mayag means addiction like the drug mayag.

First, chop 1/3 onion into fine pieces, also finely chop 1 sprig the spring onion, grind two pieces of garlic, and cut the chili into rings (according to personal preference taste).  Mix 150ml of soy sauce, 150ml of drinking water, 80g of granulated sugar, 1 tablespoon of sesame oil and appropriate amount of white sesame seeds.

Then mix the onion, spring onion, minced garlic, chilli (if desired) and seasonings and set aside.

Put 6 eggs that have just been taken out of the refrigerator into boiling water (note the tricks), cook for about 7 minutes, remove and put into ice water to cool.  Gently peel the eggs into the prepared sauce and refrigerate overnight in a box.  Slice the eggs and drizzle with the sauce to serve.

There are many ways to make soft-hearted eggs.  Whether the eggs are at room temperature or just taken out of the refrigerator will affect the cooking time and softness of the eggs.  To make each egg can be peeled intact, the most important thing is to use a needle to make two small holes in the air chamber (the egg bottom)before cooking and soak it in ice water right after cooking.

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